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Are you aware that bed bugs (climex lectularis) and the 'tropical bed bugs' (climex hemipterus) can infest any type of human living quarters and may not only be found in housing and short duration accomodation such as hostels and hotels, but also in cinemas, buses/trucks, police cells and holding areas. These organisms are attracted by exhaled carbondioxide (CO2) and body heat and not just by dirt. They feed on blood, not waste, so in short the cleanliness of their environment has an effect on the control of bedbugsz but does not eradicate them... Be informed!

Hand sanitizers vs hard washes

Here are some known areas where Hand Sanitizers come in as lifesavers. First, if you are out in public, it is a handy thing to keep in your pocket or purse and whenever you come across a questionable environment a little dab will do you! Second, anytime you are working with raw meat it is a great idea. It just keeps the spread of salmonella and other harmful germs at bay. Third, whenever you aren't around soap and water for post restroom or baby changing needs. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you can use soap and water then you don't NEED to use hand sanitizer. Easy right? If you can use correct hand washing procedures then you have done the best thing that you can do. Remember wet your hands, get soap and rub all over the entire surface of your hands - don't miss your fingernails and knuckles and any crevices or creases that might be in your hand. Pay close attention to any scratches or abrasions. They need to be cleaned as well. Then rinse. The warm