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5 natural cleaning agents to help you D-I-Y today!

  As sequel to our writeup on going the long mile into Green cleaning. We thought to share interesting snippets on the uses of some readily available natural  products that can be used as alternative cleaning materials as you go D-I-Y style  .  Here goes...:  Lemon(s) - Acidic in nature yet  It serves as :  a DIY toilet cleaner a bleaching agent a natural freshener and a de-odoriser a rust remover an insect repellant a limescale remover  a furniture sparkler   White vinegar - acidic in nature and has similar uses as lemon. It serves as:  a natural disinfectant  a dirt buildup remover a gummy buildup remover  a rust remover a hardwater stain remover Baking soda - a mild alkali that easily dissolves in water. It serves as a cleaning agent  a dirt remover  a grease remover a limescale remover (mix with dishwasher) a refrigerator deodorizer  Borax -   an alkaline compound.   It serves as a  useful laundry cleaner a drain unclogger (with lemon juice and hotwater) a mold and mildew remover 

Green cleaning?! 🤔What's that?

  Green cleaning is the term used to associate the conscious use of products, processes and procedures bearing in mind the environment and potential human entities that can be impacted. Aspects of the environment that can be affected are water bodies, air molecules, plants and animals; Potential human entities range from the general to direct users of products.  Green cleaning is perpetrated by users;  which is also the case when it is contrary, non-green cleaning.  Therefore, let's look closely at the effects of the experiences that can be gotten from green cleaning or otherwise- to all consumers, users, applicators.  When products that are made without placing cognisance to certain environmental or consumer protection regulations or standards, the process of diffusion (which takes gaseous molecules from a place of higher concentration to lower concentration ) plays a significant role. Thereby exposing the environment or human resources present.  Due to such unfortunate/unpreceden

Hot water to clean?! Is it really as it seems?! Does it have to be...?!

💁Wonder where the idea behind hot water cleaning emanated from?! Guess we will focus on that another day.  There's support in adequate arguments generally for the use of hot water as a an ideal inclusion in effective cleaning/washing. On the other hand, there's no substantial evidence that hot water results in a completely bacteria free item when used yet there seem to be linkages that present the usefulness of this hot solvent.  The following are arguments for the use of Hotwater.  1) Hot water aids cleaning: According to , the combination of hot water and detergent results in a more effective attack on oils and grime. Quoted from , "without hot water, the detergent is less effective, and oily dishes and clothes don't get as clean."  2) Detonates bacteria hosts:   Taking it further from the aforementioned point, once grimes and oils are washed off, it is argued that the existing bacteria found in oils and grimes will wash off too sub