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🔶 *Toothbrushes- a "small but mighty" recyclable cleaning tool!*

In view of the pandemic and as we seek ways to re-organize life as it is known, we may need to practice more DIY. Yes! Professional companies like-, are here to proffer excellent cleaning and disinfecting services to you, but as job losses seem to be at an alarming rate, it may be advisable to cut costs. As we re-organize and increasingly practice  DIY,  a way to cut costs will be to reuse and recycle certain items in our home space. The toothbrush is one of such easily reusable tool. It can go from being of one's personal hygiene kit to a very versatile home cleaning tool. So... It's simple. Just take out your toothbrush that has served you well within the cycle of 3 months. Next thing to do is boil water. Once boiled, carefully pour water in a bowl suitable  for hot  water then dip your toothbrush in it for about 10minutes. Once time  is up, you could pick toothbrush with a tweezer or just drain out most of the water, allow leftover to co