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Beyond cleaning to the next best thing known as ♻️ recycling

The concept of cleaning just as an environmentally responsible action is further culminating globally into the need to globally ensure prudence in the way waste is discarded.  One of the key components in waste management and favoured options in the waste hierarchy tools that enables  the action or process of converting waste into reusable material is Recycling.  Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. The recovery of energy from waste materials is often included in this concept. It is said to be third  in the reduce, reuse and recycle components of the waste hierarchy.  Recycling is internationally represented with the three chasing arrows logo. It is known to be both a historical and modern day phenomenon.  Benefits of recycling  More job and income coming thus improving the standard of living of a person/people and/or community.  Not just any jobs-Green jobs: Jobs given the opportunity to undertake are positively impacting the society a