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Essential cleaning materials for home use

For many homes and Mums in particular, the pandemic has compelled to look for Do.It.Yourself (DIY)strategies to manage cleaning chores and other household chores. Although we are available to help with your cleaning (and pest control too) if you contact us locally via our instagram handle-@cleaning_n_more or our website: , it's still necessary to be armed with knowledge of the basic materials that are a must have to cope with the huge task of cleaning up after self and the rest of the family. Physical distancing is one of the well bandied precautionary measures against the COVID19 and as a result, it may not be advisable to admit too many persons into our homes at a time. As things revert to normal and while you wrestle with calling a hygiene focused cleaning company like Cleaning 'n' more, find below materials you can purchase to try to clean in detail. [ ] A pair of handgloves (personal protective equipment is a must); [ ]