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Hand hygiene- Will it become a COVID19 historical element?

The notion of washing hands and general hand hygiene is surprisingly one that even civilized societies can't categorically say is an equitably practiced activity.  Sadly, if the COVID19 had not forced the entire universe to pay close attention, you would find that many falter on the decent act of ensuring cleanliness to their hands as they embark on their day to day ... ... Ok! So asides from safety against the Corona virus, what's the big deal?! Who hand washing 'epp...?! Loll! The benefits are unquantifiable, immeasurable, life saving(not just against Corona virus but other viruses), cost reducing ... (need say no more!) Really, on a serious note and in more specific terms, the following are arguments to buttress on the need to be conscientious in applying hand hygiene- handwashing, sanitizing et al (now and post-COVID19): ** Reduces/eradicates infection and disease pathogens: ** Saves you the helter skelter of hospital visits. Oh the trauma of i