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To have a cleaning plan or not to have a cleaning plan?

😁😁😁 As it is with most desired outcomes in life's trajectory, a plan ensures the likelihood of good success. The saying that he [or she😊] who fails to plan, plans to fail is ever so trite even in attending to our own day to day house cleaning tasks or chores (or what ever acceptable term we would love to call it] Apologies for the major hiatus! We have been silent for too long! No worries... we are back by God's grace !!!  Okk… back to the need for a plan even in cleaning.  You may ask why?! why do I need to have a plan for cleaning too? Simply put, you need a cleaning plan to ensure productivity and functionality (in other words, it aids living well). One means to conquering the notion of cleaning house, is through a schedule. Guess what, it doesn't have to be elaborate- it can be a simple list written down list in pencil or tabularized list (typed out in exciting colours). What ever the case is, a schedule is a step in the right direction.