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Ever heard of Hair mats...?!

  Mats in the world of cleaning are aids that allow for a pro-active management of cleaning issues such as dirts, dust, debris and the likes. Yet with the growing wave for sustainable measures to carry out production and consumption responsibly (as envisioned in the Sustainable Development Goals -SDG 12 to be precise) juxtaposed with the undeniable usefulness of cleaning mats, there must be more sustainable ways or measures of producing mats as opposed to the popularly used non-sustainably created ones like the Propylene mats. One of such is what we discovered as the Matter of Trust strategy for saving the environment. Wow…! How noble! Basically, Matter of Trust being an ecological non-profit, in existence for more than 20years, that collects waste fibers that range from hair and fur clippings, fleece, feathers and laundry lints create hair mats that can aid oil spill cleanups. Wao! What an elegant solution to a teething issue! Their modus operandi is to keep collecting hair dona