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Series 2 - Historical exploration of our main cleaning materials

The mop is another very essential cleaning tool that is needed significantly to capture residual dust on floor surfaces after a round of sweeping and an initial dust trapping/capturing with the dust rag or napkin or duster(different terms , meaning same thing). The mop is said to be categorised into two types- wet mop and dry mop. The wet mop is known to require the involvement of a solvent (liquid) solution - consisting of 💧 water and a detergent or other cleaning reagent for effective cleaning and dust absorption. Through the process of thorough rinsing or washing if very soiled and proper drying, one is able to maintain the wet mop. The wet mop head is made of mostly cloth materials or sponge material and its body frame consists of the stick handle- wooden or metallic in nature. On the other hand, the dry mop- characterized by the flat head of strings connected by a swivel (which enables a more flexible motion and reach to areas with limited access than the wet mop) It