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The argument for cleaning and mental health

Cleaning provides an unexplainable sanctity that not only transcends the prevention of infectious diseases as we see in these times of the COVID19 but it also enables a very remarkable benefit in the complete state of well-being of our minds. According to the Guardian , "a tidy desk, a tidy mind" and we make claims to state that by extension a clean environment, a clean mind. Below are some arguments to our claims:  The happy state is ensured­čśä A clean environment isn't just one that's dirt, grime or filth free, but that is found to be very organized- everything all straightened and crisp in outlook. According to the EEA seminar report of 2014, there exists a connection between a clean environment to a healthy and happy life. Basically the cleaner your environment, the higher the chances of attaining a happier state of well-being and vice versa. Welcome infection free zone. Cleaning your environment the right way provides the yields of an infection free living to the