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Cleaning It All...

When you are standing in a room and wondering where to begin . . . start from the top. Sounds basic, but it is a fool proof trick to cleaning well. When we are cleaning/dusting/scrubbing/etc we should always start with the top. Dust the tops of your window sills first then do the windows and finish up with the bottom or window ledge. Why? you may ask. As you clean, the dirt and dust particles are floating around and tend to float downward. So if we start from the top you will have to opportunity to 'grab' them all and get rid of them. Things to remember about Top Down Cleaning: 1) When cleaning a large space do all of the dusting first: A) Ceiling Fans and corner cob webs B) Tops of window blinds, blinds and window sills C) Tops of all other flat surfaces in room. 2) After vacuuming/cleaning furniture THEN vacuum/mop the floor 3) As you finish cleaning, put away the products you use. By the time you are finished the entire room will be done and you won'

All In The Details!

Cleaning is all about the DETAILS. It´s those little edges that accumulate all kinds of dirt and dust and the ones where attention should be paid in order to really call your house clean! Clean, starting from NOW, with an eye toward getting an edge on cleaning. Seasonal cleaning is more than just washing windows and vacuuming curtains (although it is certainly a part of it). It’s the little stuff that counts. Cleaning is all about the small details(trust me, IT IS). We all know and understand what Seasonal Cleaning needs to be. Maybe that is the time of year that we move appliances and clean behind them or clean out the dryer vent. Perhaps that is when we move furniture (if we aren't blessed with the "furniture moving gene" and frequently move furniture) and vacuum around it. This is when you look at the tops of your picture frames and knick-knacks, clean the tops of doors and window sills. If you have any door other than the flat panel doors, then even your d