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Easy To Use Cleaning Plan From a Busy Mom...😓😁

Wawaoowww… I just realized that from the next week slated for the next post, we have been away (yet again...) for about 6 months!!! Ouch!!! Ouch...!!!😞 Yet, we remain undetered so here goes... Cleaning like everything else ought to be pre-planned! In an ideal world, with minimal pre-occupations, we could just do it when we want to but its not the case because there is and will continue to be things vying for attention.😉 So... here's the deal, we shall be sharing easy tips to guide us in getting that clean milieu that we soo desire. Its ideal for us as we must be organized to get things done in the most productive ways. Foremost on the path to an organized and smart cleaning plan is to know and accept that it reaaallyyy never ends... yes!!! cleaning tasks are and will continue to be endless... …[I know, hard to swallow right?!)😓 To all perfectionist (almost OCD) mommas, sisters, aunties, please tell yourself until it becomes easy to internalize, lol! The werkk just aint