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To have a cleaning plan or not to have a cleaning plann?!

Cleaning can be easier if you would just follow a cleaning plan and use effective cleaning techniques. It has been proven countlessly that a well managed home helps create a healthy home environment. And as you start developing simple housecleaning habits, you’ll notice that your work will get easier and easier.  it is sometimes hard to have a clean and organized home. Here are some helpful tips that should make life easier: Involve your family members – then there will be more time for Family Fun! Also it helps get the work done faster and teaches responsibility. Don’t delay . . . get started (that is... skip procrastinating and just get with it!) Make a convenient place for everything. Clean one room at a time. Learn which one to trash or give away. Eliminate running back and forth by putting the cleaning supplies in a bucket or carry all. Choose the hardest chore first. Clean everything ie from top to bottom Do the same for each room in same order - windows, du

Practical steps to de-cluttering(especially for the fainthearted)

Have you looked around your home and been overwhelmed with the clutter? Maybe you have stacks of things here and stacks there. Sometimes we get bombarded in life and things get piled up and stacked - no matter how awesome a cleaner we are. Life happens. When this happens to you, don't despair. Just take it slow... One of the first places to start is your entry way. This is the place that guests see first. Make it shine! Dust all furniture that is there, wash the windows and doors (inside and out), dust the floorboards, sweep/vacuum and mop. Our entryway encompasses our stairs, as well, so we have to make sure the stairs are vacuumed/swept and picked up. If we can do this it makes entering the house so much more pleasant. The second place to conquer would be your living room. Make sure it is dusted and vacuumed/swept/mopped. Get the furniture polish/cleaner out and make your wood as beautiful as it was originally meant to be. It might be a good time to beat your furniture and